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Hello, this is your webmaster speaking. Call me Coby Cat, or Fox Simile. Any resemblance to a certain popular rodent is purely intentional! My neighborhood in the global village is Europe, but I try to have a cosmopolitan outlook.

I started creating websites during my childhood, using Freewebs for hosting. Unfortunately, those are long gone now. But here on Neocities, I can come full circle. Though you might be wondering why I even bother, haha.

I am deeply nostalgic, but I also adhere to the creed of “vintage aesthetics, not vintage values”.




Honestly, I know nothing about music. I tend to listen to Eurodance and 1980s pop music, though I'm looking to expand my musical horizons.

Special shout-out to Crazy Loop.


About nostalgia

I understand that some people might find this a rather dirty word, but it doesn't bother me. My life's been a bit of a rollercoaster. In my later teens I moved away from the things that used to bring me joy in my childhood, looking for deeper meaning as I struggled with the social ladder. Unfortunately, the new crutches I developed turned out to be worse for me than the comfort I sought before.

I convinced myself of all sorts of ideologies, but because of my innate drive for consistency wrestled with their less pleasant aspects of them. Eventually, I completely burned out, only to realize that the real treasure I had been searching for was right where I left it behind. I've rekindled my childhood interests, and soothe my woes in the sweet nectar of nostalgia. But I also find new inspiration in the (perhaps naïve) optimism that marked my formative years in the late 90s.

Still, let me be crystal clear on this: I am not looking for dead reverence of the past. I gladly cherry pick what's good and leave behind what's of no value to me anymore. Vintage aesthetics, not vintage values as they say. Except maybe if some of those values are more forward-looking than the scared provincialism we've sometimes embraced in the new millennium. And above all, I'm not just interested in curating and preserving the best of what I find in the nostalgic past. I'm seeking creative transformation!

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