Belgian Food

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Well, this is a big one! I had this crazy ambitious idea, and despite feeling burnt out on it multiple times, I managed to pull it off! I wrote an article all about Belgian fast food, candies, and more, lovingly illustrated in a cohesive style to tie it all together! I really challenged myself — both on writing and illustrating — and this was probably too much for me… but I am really proud of what I accomplished. Just, um… please don't expect this level of quality for future site updates! 😅

The past week I've been listening to Gold Casio again, a criminally underrated disco and synth-pop band. I highly recommend checking out Last Song, which is one of their older songs, and $$, which is a newer one.

Oh, and I've spruced up some texts here and there, so they read and flow a bit more smoothly. No worries, the actual content is still the same!