More housekeeping

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A quick little update! I've added some more buttons to my Button Wall, expanded my links page yet again and added a new video links page.

A rather forgotten part of my website is the Spacehey Profile Pimper I created for someone in the 32-Bit Café. There are no links to it from my website, since I never really found a good spot for it. Feel free to reach out with your ideas!

I had hoped to get a new article out in this update as well, but I didn't get one of my many works-in-progress up to my standards yet. Maybe some other time then. This is, after all, a hobby and not a job. 😀

A pretty obscure song I'd like to highlight is Money Can Buy Happiness by New Century. Maybe I should also find a proper spot on my website to bundle these music recommendations in my blog posts, haha.