Site Redesign

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This is not the update I was hoping to get out by now! I started on a page, and got struck by my eternal enemy: scope creep. I wanted to add some photos, so I dug out old family photo albums, and then I found photo negatives. Long story short, I scanned over a thousand photos. And when I finally got back to writing the page, I got hit by writer's block.

So have a complete site redesign instead! I've taken inspiration from Skins Factory designs for the Disney company around 2007, and other designs on the slightly more playful and colorful side of what is now called Frutiger Aero. There are some aspects on various pages that still date from the old design, in particular the backgrounds, but that's alright. I can deal with those later.

I recently started gratitude journaling using Momentory, but I'm not sure if I can keep this up daily. It's part of my effort to adopt a more optimistic outlook on life, as I touched on in an earlier blog post.

One new page I was able to add is one with book reviews. Only one of the book reviews is actually written out to a satisfying degree, but hey, it's a start!

A song I'd like to highlight in this blog post is Love Maria by Crazy Loop. Crazy Loop was a one album project by O-Zone founder Dan Balan (who you probably know from their hit Dragostea Din Tei, better known as Numa Numa or Maya Hi). His original album, the Power of Shower, was released in 2006. I discovered it several years later and instantly fell in love. Balan has since been active in Ukraine. In 2023 Crazy Loop returned, with a new music video filmed in and dedicated to the beautiful city of Kyiv.