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I actually managed to finish a first iteration of the update I had hoped to get out last month, when I got hit by scope creep. The result is my page on Center Parcs. I do intend to expand this page eventually.

I bought the Pangeapedia Plus album I recommended in my first blog post. I probably shouldn't have. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing album and it was very swiftly and correctly shipped by the artist! But dang, international shipping has gotten way worse lately. I had to pay massive fees to Belgian customs… 😓

A small page I added is one for my OCs. It's small for now, but maybe I'll uncover some more from the depths of my memory soon.

Some music I'd like to highlight this time is the soundtrack of the Bionicle fangame Masks of Power. Calm Sands of Motara (Po-Wahi Night), for example, really manages to capture (and even expand on) the feel of early Bionicle.