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Our tour of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch finally continues into the mansion, aided by a 3D model I created. There's still a lot we need to cover, so if you're a die-hard fan who knows a lot about the mansion, please hit me up so we can collaborate towards an improved model and tour!

Music-wise, I'm quite digging Mineral Hall, a concept album which kinda feels like it bridges Dungeon Synth and the musical evocation of the so-called Utopian Scholastic aesthetic that I enjoy (like the Daniel White album I mentioned in a previous post). The cover art has the right sort of aesthetic, and the instrumentation also hits just right. Good stuff!

I've collected some rare screenshots of a defunct Chinese Disney MMO. The game always intrigued me, and I'm sad I never got to play it. There are many other defunct Disney games that I actually played that maybe merit a page as well, at some point.